Romantic you

Romance is the air we breathe, the flowers we smell, romance is many shapes and forms that lights a spark in our eyes. Romance is the provision, the food that nurtures my soul. I found out from my own life that grace and beauty never dies, yet I might encounter it differently, in another time. I also realize that regardless of my age I will have a craving for expressing and expanding myself in ever greater shapes of beauty, disguised in different ways which all reflect the most valuable impression of that time.

A’ime Cristie Inspired, the brand that’s embracing women from all walks of life, regardless age, status or background, not only in the shape of fashion, but in their most intrinsic nature.

One evening while I was teaching we were doing a simple exercise which I recommend to all of my readers. This very simple exercise has a profound impact in anyone’s mind as they search for romance ceased to exist, but into the moment of here and now. Seeing the many forms in which romance is expressed through our life’s existence from the youngest age after that moment being expressed in areas of life, which can be anything like seeing a sunset, smelling beautiful flowers, having a walk in the park even by yourself after a cold rainy night holding the collar of your jacket then walking into your warm apartment, sitting down next to a fireplace, it’s romantic. Reading and amazing book, covered up in fluff, being so engaged in it to the point where you surrender to the pages, where you dissolve in the pages of the book being a quantification of all the romantic moments of our lives up to this moment in the now.

In these moments what stood out the most was the realization that I recognized beauty not only in the physical aspect, but in the measure of difference and impact that I could have in transforming people’s lives, so my psychical beauty transcended from the time when I was 18 and I mostly considered my body as beautiful to an expanded state of my current age, where I see the forms and expressions that shaped my life across the years, all being defined now in the synthesis and the synchronicities of the complementary opposites. This is what underline the essence of our being what we call love. Being in a state of grace has become more valuable than anything else, the passing of time might put a few wrinkles on my face, yet also left a few smiles on my life.


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