So, ask yourselves now what is so terrifying about being outstanding? What is the benefit of being the center of attention for many other women and men? The first business card that we have it’s ourselves. We are the first business card that walks in the door and the way we look we can capture attention or we can turn down attention both from us and others. Our fear lies in not wanting to be recognized, both for the beauty of our character, those characteristics such as elegance, refinement, physical beauty, and intelligence as much as for their counterparts, their negative aspects.

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Years ago, I’ve been to a conference, dressed up in a very simple dress with nice Italian heels. Walking into the hallway, I could not stop noticing the casualness of the other people surrounding me, which were dressed more like jeans, tops, simple jackets, flat shoes… Now thinking that we are in a 5-star hotel, you would say this represents no problem, yet my simple elegance from the moment I walked in, drew quite a bit of attention.

The beauty of simplicity

The information which I took in was more than compensating for my belief that I am okay in my simple outfit. I ran up in my room, changed into something more suitable, which I admit was dumb yet more comfortable than facing my demons of being the center of attention to many people. As this event was Breakthrough Experience with dr. John Demartini, the topic being human behavior, set up the stage for this human behavior 24-hour seminar of knowing me for both the positive and negative sides of my nature. Once we got seated in the conference room, dr. Demartini walked in stating profoundly, looking my way, do you know that you all-stars, you are here to shine not to hide? At that moment I once more reconfirmed the futility of running away of who I am which was not playing the role of dumb and simple. In the next break, I went back into my room and honored myself for my original statement and once I did, many other ladies complimented me on the simplicity of my beauty, stating that they thought to dress up, more elegantly but they did not dare. In that afternoon, I once more learned about the value of being you, no matter how much confrontation you might get as by doing so, you lead by example all those that cannot wait to have you, to be assisted and lead by you. So, the moral of this story is when you grateful for your life, for who you are as you are no longer denying and disowning the magnificence of your most intrinsic nature, you shine and you permit other people to do the same.