any of us have been fooled and taught that we are only rabbits, which means that nobody can run faster than us. Then as time went by and we could not keep up the pace or we were infatuated with how good we are, we ended up in being sluggish losing purpose and reason for our race. Some of us lost interest, while others took long holidays investing more in the pampering which goes with a short term vision instead of the spread of resources to cover a long term goal. As we are faced with the finish line we feel betrayed, wondering why in the name of God we started so inspiringly, and then we lost the plot. So what to do then?

Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.


irst, we would have to figure out what actually happened, this meaning looking closer at our belief system that gave this end result instead of looking at all other places for answers and blaming everyone else but ourselves for the current situation. The next step would be for all of us who lost because we were infatuated with our greatness, to look exactly what was the particular action or inaction that we did which created our loss and balance our mind around. For the others who minimalized their needs for the sake of winning, burning a candle at both ends, as they call it, take a step back and see how deservingness starts with you, realizing that I am the most important person in all 7 areas of life, for myself as only by acknowledging and wisely managing that, I can stay in touch with my heart where innermost dominant dream lies would be my first priority.

When I do that, I do not have a starting point and I am not attached to a finish line, because of that, my life holds the inspiration of keying in my desire as the tone of my voice which gives rise to my action.